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Ridge and Furrow or Tile Drainage?

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We have conversations in many ways.


The busiest are on our Facebook pages where anyone who lives locally or has a local connection can join in.

Recent topics of conversation on Facebook


One of the biggest has been around posting on the page. We have tried to clarify a few things so that people can comfortably post information on the Facebook site. Nancy wrote this:-

To follow on the previous discussions. The group has decided that any photos placed on this page, that you don't want people to copy must include a copyright symbol and a name on the Photograph before posting.

Thank you.

Please note this is for any photos being placed by members that has not been seen before. Any older photos are exempt from the copyright. If unsure please message for guidance,

It has not deterred anyone from posting. If anything we have even more enthusiastic posters of information. 

I think we have a brilliant Facebook present. We are nearing 1000 viewers of our pages. Follow the link to get an idea of recent conversations. 



Our newsletter relies on members and our archives provoking new topics to discuss and Val George writes and edits an enviable newsletter every three months.


We also promote conversations at regular open events where we want to hear of the history of our villages.