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February 2021 Issue No 66

  • SB 100

  • Book sales

  • Downs Bakery

  • Severn Beach Funfairs and showmen 1926

  • Illness in Northwick School records in the 19th century

  • May 1882 Tragic death at New Passage

  • The Canon at Dean House in New Passage

  • The A403 opening

  • Local place names

  • Basil Parrott and the Chindits

November 2020. Issue No. 65

·       Flying on Concorde - memories from 1984

·       Pilning Flower Show of 1896

·       A Beagle meeting and market at New Passage in 1897

·       An inquest into a death in the Severn Tunnel 1899

·       Northwick School Concerts of 1898

·       Traffic calming proposal of 1994

·       The origin of the term "Reen"- A question for discussion

·       Severn Beach Cricket Club of 1964

·       2022. A centenary celebration for Severn Beach?

August 2020 Issue No. 64

·       Book publications updates.

·       Thoughts on "Then and Now" picture project.

·       Royal visits

·       Egon Shore memories of Wartime scams, prisoners of war, blueprinting, and the Australian drought

·       New archives of St. Thomas' Church in Northwick

·       Floods of 1687, earthquakes in 1689, 

·       Shocking statistics of child deaths and diseases.

·       Swimming pool turnstile evidence in the landscape.


May 2020 Issue No. 63

·       Covid 19 and the postponement of  events

·       "This little world" update

·       Minutes of parish Council in 1945

·       School logs of 1945

·       Floods and flood defences

·       Pilning Cinema club of the 70s

·       Lave net fishing. A report of the talk by the Black Rock Lave Net Fishermen's association

February 2020 Issue No. 62

·       75th anniversary of the end of World War  II

·       "This little world" book (2005)

·       Wells in the local area

·       New Passage House and Ferry

·       John Wesley in the local area

·       Pilning Pram Races

·       The 1997 Pilning Mobility scooter race

·       Our treasure chest of local magazines

November 2019 Issue No. 61

·       The Golden Year 1969

·       Pilning Flower Show

·       Severn Beach School

·       Concorde's First Flight

·       Water - Wells in the local area

·       Pen Park Cavern

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