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All events are cancelled for the moment.

Meetings and events in the last year 2018 -21


All events cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions




Sat. 30th May  SVBH "Doorstep Deliveries" - A Dave Cheesley talk on the people who made regular rounds to houses - milkmen, coalmen, rag and bone men etc. for 7.30 start.


July Severn Festival SBVH Date to be confirmed.


Sat. 5th Sep.  SBVH  'Severn Beach Showmen" Joe Nemeth talks about the  history of the Pruett family. for 7.30 start.


2018 - 2019

Sat 10th Nov    A.G.M. - Elections and reports

Wed 27th Feb  Committee Meeting

Sat 16th Mar   “Lost City of Bristol” a talk by Clive Burlton

Wed 3rd Apr   Committee Meeting

Sat 11th May   Photo Exhibition

Wed 14th May Committee Meeting

Tue 18th Jun    Committee Meeting

Sat 22nd Jun   “I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside” by John Penny

Sat 13th Jul     “The Severn Festival”

Wed 31st Jul   Committee Meeting

Mon 5th Aug   Committee newsletter publication 

We held exhibitions from our archives relating to :-


Sat 31st Aug   Pilning Flower Show 50th  Anniversary display

September     Severn Beach School 50th Anniversary

Sat  28th Sep  "City of the Sea" a talk by Chris Biggs 

Tue 8th Oct     Committee Meeting

Sat 19th Oct  Nostalgia  Day

Sat 16th Nov  “Talk of the Fishermen by the Black Rock Heritage Fishery

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