List of Events from 2004 to present


2004   “Looking Into the Picture” – details of old postcards 

2005    “Clifton Rocks Railway” Peter Davey

            “Dustbin Films Man” 

Summer events Pilning Carnival, Parish Information Day, “Weddings” 

2006    “Look Into the Picture” – new photos

            “Links with Brunel” – all day exhibition 

            “Magic Lantern Show”  

Winter event

Exhibition from Thornbury Museum,

2007    “Film Show” – Brian Haynes

            “Wartime Life”  Dave Cheesley

            “Genealogy” talk 

            “Victorian Magic Lantern”

2008    “Concorde Queen of the Skies” illustrated talk + exhibits 

            “Fry’s Chocolate Evening” 

            “Local History Needs You” – open meeting for information 

            “Fairgrounds” – Dave Cheesley

            “Brunel” talk/book

2009    “Luftwaffe Attacks on Sth Glos” 

            “Photos and Things” – Mike’s Postcards 

             “A Night at the Cinema” – films about Bristol


2010    “Photo Exhibition” at Easter Compton

            “Magic Lantern Show” 


2011    “Changing Face of Shops – Tony Cherry 


            “Out & About in Bristol” – John Penny 

            “Severn Princess”

2012    “Back to 1950’s” – David Elesbury

             “Nan’s Attic” - Mr & Mrs Elesbury

             “Lights Out” educational films

             “Grandad’s Shed” – Mr & Mrs Elesbury


2013     “British Piers” 

             Dave Cheesley 

             “Severn Princess”             

             “Ration Books to Rock & Roll” – Terry Merrett-Smith


2014     “Year on a Dairy Farm” – Richard Cornock

             “Clifton Rocks Railway” – Peter Davey

             “Dance Band Days” – Terry Merrett-Smith

             “Teddy Boys to Glam Rock” – Dave Cheesley


2015      Joe Nemeth

             “Severn Estuary” – Janet Maurice

             Joe Nemeth

             “Severn Princess” 

             “Remembering 1960’s” – Dave Cheesley 


2016     “Fossils” – Janet Maurice 

             “Year on a Dairy Farm” repeat

             “Remembering 1950’s” Dave Cheesley 

             Special Exhibition – 1st Severn Bridge

             “Mustard Gas” – Joe Nemeth 


2017    “Mud” – Janet Maurice 

            “Evening with Dave Cheesley” 

            “Trains” – Andrew Swift

            “Village Through Time” – Rose Hewlett 


2018    “Let’s All go to Severn.Beach” – Joe Nemeth 

            “Guilty Pleasures” – Chris Biggs 

            “Golden Age of Picture Postcards” – Dave Cheesley 

            “Wings of War” – Chris Biggs 

            “Toys & Games of Yesteryear” 

             “Gas Girls” – Joe Nemeth 


2019     “Lost City of Bristol” – Clive Burlton 

             Photo Exhibition at Mafeking Hall

             “I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside” – John Penny)

             “Talk of the Fishermen” 


Annual Open Archives Day in October each year.